Animated-GIF making tool
by P4room
Hi everybody. Are Animated-GIFs moving on your Web page? This is good, wonderful, great! Animation can be easily made.

Then, we P4room made the Animated-GIF popularization promotion project started. The purpose of this project is popularization and a promotion of Animated-GIF (It is bare :-p). Now we are... So this page will be made the scene of feedback from everybody.

Return About "GIFANIME for DOS"
GIFANIME for DOS is an Animated-GIF making tool for DOS which P4room developed. There are 16bit version and 32bit version. Windows95 users please use 32bit version by the DOS prompt. 16bit version does not correspond to a long file name.

*Down-loading of program

Please click the following link . Down-loading starts. The source code is here.

Return ### AGREEMENT ###
GIFANIME for DOS is free software. Everything is free of use, the transfer, the reprint, and the modification, etc. However, P4room will do neither the responsibility all nor the guarantee of the damage caused by this program. The e-Mail of the bug-report is always received.

Return *What is Animated-GIF?
It is GIF image by which animation is automatically done when displayed on the screen with the WWW blouse. However, it is not a special form. It is a function which has already been included since time when the GIF form was designed.

In spite of it's great ability, Animated-GIF has hardly been paid to attention comparatively up to now. But the spot hits Animated-GIF with the popularization of the WWW. Becasue easily can use, it's 32 times (Arbitrary decision) as convenient as JAVA or CGI.
Return *Who are P4room?
P4room is an unit of several who's motto is "Wide and Shallow".
This name means "Complete asepsis room at the 4th level".
Nevertheless various bacteria breed actually (Please shoot :-<).
We are making personal magazine when certain,
pouring zeal into the creation of dolls when certain,
developing softwares when certain, and so on.
Our interest is capricious at all.
However, sometimes a small flower come into blossom afterwards.
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Prease send e-Mail, such as "I've made the Animated-GIF." or "I found software bugs." etc. These reports are expected at any time.

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