Here is a page of "Coffe Break".

Even the coffee of the sitting up all night dawning is an adult taste.

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My friend Link

Electric brain animation construction room

It is "NORAKITI" home page. He is making private animation. I was impressed because I also was making animation from the hobby in old times. I wonder I was surprised because setting of the character and strike Lee was steady . When complete? This Web page can be read even in [English].


It is "Noa" home page. Novel "Truth and goddess transmigration" and "Ghost in the shell" are themes. "Ghost in the shell" of the animation movie seems to have become the first place of the builboard chart.

Nurbs Entertainment

It is "Hideki Takahashi" home page. 3 dimensions CG(LightWave) and JAVA, etc. are themes. This Web page can be read even in [English].

The world of wonderful dainty

It is "Tulipo" home page. Chiefly, it is a topic concerning the dainty by which the squid is made a material.


It is a home page by which the link is put on p4room for the first time. An original novel etc. might be themes.

Marble HomePage

It is a home page of the girl who is pouring zeal in Spitz and Kenji Ozawa and Flipper's guitar(Both Japanease musicians ). She seems to be multiplying the life by the Spitz also in that.

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