Here is a page of "Orignal doll".

The reason why cannot make the doll well is to be immature.

< Writing Julius Kumagoro. From "Puu of talk in sleep". >

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Photograph of my creation doll

My doll gallery 3

It is my third doll. This is still being produced.

Image doll "MOURYOU Box"

"MOURYOU Box" is Apparition's box. This "Nathuhiko Kyougoku" wrote and is mystery novel which greatly becomes. I was influenced very much by this novel, and made this doll. It is existence only of the neck in the image of the novel.

My doll gallery 1

I am a doll made for the first time. Makes by using the paper clay. It is the same as the doll pasted to the title part on this page. But, the surface is finished up more beautifully.

My doll gallery 2

It is a ball joint doll of my second work. My Friend "Emi Hino" made the dress . After that, she took a picture of a beautiful photograph. I move very much. She named "NAYUTA" to the doll. To tell the truth, it was a thing not forecast for me. Ha ha.

Doll under production

What kind of doll is born in the following? Even I do not understand it either (;-P)

Link related to "Doll"

NoeFa'sPictures frame

This is a "Noe" HP. Noe is making a doll and many strange animal. It is uncanny, bat very lovely and cute. She has a rich talent.


This is a "Yukito" HP. An original character's model appears, too. He likes an old comic strip.

Baby Doll

It is a doll shop in west Ogikubo of Tokyo. There are many antique dolls.

The house of the doll

It is HP of the doll which akipon bore. The doll of the white skin meets it.

Atelier SHINYO

An original doll and a picture are displayed. When a work was seen, a Czechoslovakian animate cartoon was imagined. It is glad to accept an order.

Original Doll TAEKO

This doll is soft, and there is calmness in it. A professional work is wonderful. It is probably to make your heart comforted.


It is Web page of the company which puts doll CD-ROM of KatanAmano and RyoichiYoshida on the market. You also buy early.


This Web page is all [English]. The doll photograph of KatanAmano can be seen.

Doll Page

It is HP which Takako Kataoka made. It is on the register in the Simon Yotsuya school. Her doll was seen in the exhibition association before once. The pathology atmosphere is filled.


It is HP which Federico made. It is on the register in the Simon Yotsuya school. His doll is a life-size. CG data of the human body is published in here.

Ball Joint Doll by Naruto

It is HP which Naruto made.

Snot gallery

It is HP which Mr.Hisano made. It is a person who is pursuing the snot for years. A very wild, humorous world extends. The soul side is stimulated.

Puppet House

It is a HP of the shop which sells the marionette. Person who wants to manipulate doll, It is a recommendation to the person interested in the puppet show.


YUKI makes the doll. It is still incomplete. Completion is impatient. There is a corner of CG and the Gold sculpture, too.


It is a page to which the doll made from the paper clay is printed. Sawako Fuse makes the doll. Interesting shape is had all.

original doll&lyrics

There are fantastic poetry, a picture, and a doll. The space extends decadence.


The ball joint doll which "RobeRobe" made is here. She is the same beginner as me. However, she is going to the doll classroom acting.

Super Imaginative Depot

This Web page can be read even in [English]. The ball joint doll which "Asako Toriumi" made is here. Her doll is very largely skilled.

Doll Space Remi

This Web page can be read even in [English]. The ball joint doll which "Remi" made is here. Atmosphere looks like Katan Dolls. It's Very Good! The photograph appears if the first link is clicked.


This Web page is all [English]. An overseas person linked for the first time. It is from a page by which the dadaism is assumed to be a theme. Thank you.


This Web page can be read even in [English]. Oh! I was surprised. Here, "Hans Bellmer" career and work are printed. About the creation ball joint doll at which I aim, he is a root. His work is very great.

Doll House Noah

This Web page can be read even in [English]. Wow! Great! Cute! This is a ball joint doll for which I hoped. I am Happy now. The internet is wonderful.


This Web page can be read even in [English]. The doll and the picture which "Tadashi Hirono" made are here. Cat's woman and bee's woman are constructing his world. "DENKI-KAIRO" is Electric circuit.

EMI NYAN 's room

This Web page can be read even in [English]. It is a doll page that I met by the internet for the first time. "EMI NYAN" made on this Web page and there is near the Bisque doll. Her doll has settled very atmosphere.

Angel circuit

It is Web of a professional Japanese illustrator. The composition of a vivid color and the picture is wonderful.

World of Ri-a Nishino

It is Web of a professional Japanese poet. Her picture is also skillful though poetry is Japanese.

WaTaNaBe YoShiNoRi home page

This Web page can be read even in [English]. Webpage which makes "Shape" theme. Mathematica Graphics. AnimatedGifs. Fractal. It is a favor.


It is WebPage which the apparition is wandering about. It is interesting when going though it is Japanease Only.

Let's try Bird Carving

Wood is plane and the home page of the person who is creating the bird. It is very real. How to make is printed.

Some stories concerning doll

Wonderful place

I live in the Tokyo Suginami-ku. The place of the recommendation here is introduced.

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