GifAnimation Gallery

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Akkun

Sing to Rain

It is AnimatedGif 's made imagining the scene of the movie. It is a contribution from AnimatedGif 's diary.

Rolling Balance

This work might have been hit on to see and to make the television program. The roll balance also mimicked also by me in old times and played.

Starts from the bow and ends in the bow

Hello . It is a Japanese greeting. If this is used, your home page easily becomes Japanese.(^_^;)

One scene of animated cartoon for 8mm film

Akkun is one scene of 8milli film made in old times. Because the data was large, It was converted half size. It is difficult to draw animation where the horse runs. It is the wonderful one.

Boy who rid on bicycle

I feel the technique in the movement of the foot and the movement of the hair. "Tatsurou Yamashita" of the singer in Japan sings and "Boy who rid on the bicycle" is recalled.


It seems to be a work made hearing "Parallel turn" of the guitar player "Masayoshi Takanaka" of Japan. Bending and stretching the knee is rhythmical!

Cool skateboard boy

It is a masterpiece used by as many as 12 frames. He likes snow board.

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