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GifAnimation making tool's


It is a tool which we made, Free software. Executes on MS-DOS. It is a tool which is very easy-to-use from "GIF Construction SET". It is true(^^;). Prease use. This program isn't using LZH compression algorithm.


gifanime on UNIX edition.

Link related to "GifAnimation" in Japan

URAURA Homepage

Detailed information on GIF format. How to make transparent GIF. How to make GifAnimation which uses "GIF Construction SET". he explanation is very systematic.


It is Web page. make the data of GifAnime in energisch and powerful. There is a page of "GifAnimeation which can be done in seven days", use Macintosh(Gif Builder) and Windows(GIF Construction SET).

Let's dressup HomePage

How to make GifAnime by Macintosh. There is a technique which improves externals on the home page. Etc.

Eiichi's HomePage

A lot of techniques of Web are printed. There is how to make Animated Gifs(Macintosh), too.

Kuma Neko Den Ku Teien

There are bear's garden and cat's garden. AnimatedGifs is in cat's garden.

ChakaChaka Land

There is lovely AnimatedGifs(Ballet and physical exercise). Please go here and click the link.

Yassun room

It is "Yassun" home page. The character which he draws is very lovely. Touch Japanese syllabary of TV animated cartoon.(^^)

Akkun's room

This Web page can be read even in [English]. It is "Akkun" home page. His animation becomes accustomed very much. Because, he was making the animated cartoon with the camera for 8milli movie in old times.

Emi's room

There is a lot of GifAnimation data which is original and has the story. Data is fancy and good. It is very happy.


This Web page can be read even in [English]. It is Web page which "Kusumi" is making. There is a lot of data made with my tool. I feel bottomless power.

Acchan HomePage

There is a corner of GifAnime . Bold animation like Japanease Anime is here.

Link related to "GifAnimation" in other countries

GIF Animation on the WWW

This Web page is all [English]. It is Web page of most famous GifAnimeation in the world. "GIF Construction SET 95" is here. How to making GifAnimation. Any information on how to make GifAnimation and the explanation of GifAnimation, etc. becomes complete.

GifAnimation Laboratory

Test the Disposal Method

Disposal Method is the arguments of GifAnime. This is setting of the processing after the frame is displayed. When this mode is used, it seems to be likely to be good.

Special effects of Video Craft

In this tool, there is variously a special effect and it is terrible. AnimatadGifs can be generated if there are two GIF images. Here, experimented on some special effects.

GifAnimation Gallery

Looking for by 7th. mistake(X'mas)

Looking for by 7th. mistake(The pond)

In two pictures, there are seven different parts. Please find this. When all are found, it is great. However, it might be very difficult.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Tokei

There is GifAnimeation work which Tokei made. homepage is here.

Orignal GifAnimation Data1 by everybody

Orignal GifAnimation Data2 by everybody

There were some contributions before. It is likely to feel admiration because there is animation of various touch. Your contribution is waited for.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Sudako

Contribution work. There is GifAnimeation work which Sudako made. homepage is here.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Suguru.T

There is GifAnimeation work which Suguru.T made. The quality of the illustration will be high and you surely mind the barrier.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Kenchan

Contribution work. There is GifAnimeation work which Ken-chan made. There is practicable GifAnimation such as the cakes and crackers.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Yassun

Contribution work. There is GifAnimeation work which Yassun made. It is fancy touch. homepage is here.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Akkun

Contribution work. There is GifAnimeation work which Akkun made. The line drawing is good atmosphere.

Orignal GifAnimation Data by Michio-K

Contribution work. There is GifAnimeation work which Michio-k made. It is like 3dimensions CG.

Orignal GifAnimation Data1 by p4room

Orignal GifAnimation Data2 by p4room

It is original GifAnimation data of p4room. The data is scheduled to be increased for the future.

Page of TVanimation touch

It is GifAnimation of the cell animation touch. The big size girl is dancing.

Please Watch

A lot of eyes see you. If it is the same data, a lot of putting is safe. This page proves it. However, the display is different in Netscape and Internet Explore.

Strange face

Be to composed the face of parts that this data is interesting. The combination of infinity is expected.

Big 3dimensions CG Animeation

It is animation of 3dimensions CG made several years ago. The rabbit which has the carrot turns.

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