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Love thine and hamster and live with the hamster.

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Internet picture book

H a m s t e r's  s t o r y

Problem work of impact by which daily of hamster was recorded! Surely, you will be greatly astonished.(^_^;)

S e l f i s h  h a m s t e r

Catching hamster's selfish character and work of surprise! Surely, your eyeball will fly out.(^_^;;)

Let's compare the hamster's

Maybe, the comparison is meaningless. But, I want to compare the hamster. And yet, the "Djungarian hamster" looks like the frog.

Miya illustration work collection

The Illustration.

Hamster's back by which sorrow feels.

Fountain of the data

This data & program is all Freely.

Miya animation work collection

I am a hamster. The GifAnimation data to which I am performing is here. splashes and turns and dances. Am I lovely? Am I cute? I am very shameful when watched. I..I..I love you.

"CHUCHU Hamster's" Screen saver for Windows95

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The Windows95 edition of the Screen saver of the favorable comment was completed. Please enjoy the dance of a lovely hamster.

"Hamster's story" Screen saver for Macintosh

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Ms.Vanilla created this data(Module of "AfterDark"). This data is compressed by the "ZipIt" program.

"CHUCHU Hamster's" Screen saver for Macintosh

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roro(p4room) created this data(Module of "AfterDark"). This was made with application software "Screen studio". The data of "miya Animation work collection" is used. The hamster is very cute.

"CHUCHU Hamster's" Screen saver for Macintosh
(Application version)

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Because here is an application version, this can be executed with the unit.

Link related to "hamster"

Hamster Tales

This Web page is all [English]. The observation of the hamster is very much mentioned in detail.

KumaChan HomePage

It is a page where software related to the hamster is collected.

Glenn's Hamster Page

This Web page is all [English]. Three hamsters receive you. Any hmuster is very lovely.

Extra in Extra

There is information on "KyoroChan". "CyoroChan" is a meaning extra name of japanease maker chocolate. Of course, there is a hamster, too.

Hamster Island(RIKO'S HOMEPAGE)

It is a page which the photograph, the illustration, this introduction, etc. and is approached multilaterally.

MANMARU Adventure

MANMARU is hamster's name. Hamster's keeping person is printed here.


It is a part of the research of sleep. It is a page of University of California which experiments with the hamster. Running on of the Running Wheel is recorded every day and the graph is displayed.

Emi's room

There is hamster's cartoon by the photograph. It is a very lovely cartoon. The entrance is understood from hamster's picture.

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